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One Church, One Child of

History of One Church, One Child of Oklahoma
The One Church, One Child of Oklahoma Program was officially established in
1988 and is governed by a twenty-one member interdenominational Board of
Directors comprised of Clergy from various churches statewide.  The program
is affiliated with the National organization which is located in Washington,
D.C. under the leadership of Father George Clements.  One Church, One
Child of Oklahoma also receives supportive services from its Advisory
Committee which is comprised  of volunteers from the community statewide.  
For 17 years, One Church, One Child of Oklahoma has served in partnership
with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Division of Children and
Family Services to provide community based services that promote the
recruitment of African-American resources families.  Since the
implementation of the Oklahoma OCOC program, there has been a significant
increase in the pool of African-American resource families willing to adopt
children with special needs.  

Church, One Child of Oklahoma provides an organized method of reaching
Church, One Child of Oklahoma provides an organized method of reaching
out to the African-American community through churches and community
organizations to increase the awareness of the need for prospective
adoptive and foster parents.   adoptive and foster parents.   
Share your Love and your Life... Adopt or Foster an African American Child.
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